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Ethisterone CAS 434-03-7
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Ethisterone CAS 434-03-7
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Ethisterone CAS 434-03-7

Product Name: Ethisterone


CAS: 434-03-7

MF: C21H28O2

MW: 312.45

EINECS: 207-096-5

Melting point 263-269 °C(lit.)

alpha D23 +23.8° (dioxane); D25 -32.0° (pyridine)

refractive index 33 ° (C=1, Pyridine)

storage temp. -20°C Freezer

Chemical Properties Off-White Powder

Uses Synthetic progestogen; metabolite of Danazol; intermediate in the synthesis of Spironolactone

Definition ChEBI: A 17beta-hydroxy steroid that is testosterone in which the 17beta hydrogen is replaced by an ethynyl group. Ethisterone was the first orally active progestin and is a metabolite of danazol.